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How to Wear Leggings to the Office


With the athleisure trend on the rise, leggings have become the new jeans. Thus, many big time denim companies have adapted to consumer trends, investing heavily in active wear. For example, Gap has it’s own active wear line, Athleta, in efforts to keep up with consumer wants.

The “leggings” category is pretty varied, from plain cotton leggings to Lululemon yoga leggings and haute designer styles. Though, investing in a good pair of black leggings can make for chic gym wear, serve as a perfect layering piece, or provide a way to wear a sheer dress. Ultimately, leggings have a multitude of uses. The big question is, do leggings belong in the office? There are many mixed feelings surrounding the answer to this question. However, here at The Stylish Sophisticate, we are pro leggings, but with a few provisions of course.

First being, how formal is the dress code in your office? If you work in a corporate environment, leggings are probably not an appropriate outfit choice for you. Second, it has to be the right legging. Absolutely No yoga or cotton leggings in the work place! Third, the fit of your leggings is important. Your leggings should slightly sculpt, creating a silhouette. All in all, pulling off the look entails very considerate styling. If you can reimagine leggings in a fashion context, then yes, by all means wear them! If your sole intention is based on comfort or providing an easy way to hit the gym on your lunch break, then skip the leggings. To help ease your style woes, we have put together some office-appropriate legging looks for you.

Paired with a Slouchy Knit or Oversized Sweater


Oversized Blouse & Tweed Jacket


Tunic & Pointed Toe Flats



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Runway To Office In One Step


By Carolina Benjumea Rua

As a firm believer that any trend can be worn in diferente scenarios, I chose a few trends that look risky on the runway and not very appropiate for the office, but can be perfectly adaptable for a day at work. As we saw before, this season’s trends are bolder than ever; from velvet, to military, to oversized jackets and coats, it seems like designers created with the motto “go big or go home”. Creativity is now they key not just for fashion designed but for many other jobs, so why not experimenting also with the clothes we wear, instead of wearing a simple plain outfit? Adding accesories and other complements can totally save a whole outfit, so we will show you some ways to turn that trend into a perfect meeting outfit.

The navy coat might not be the craziest piece, but is a good twist for the always so classic coat and is very wearable for the office. It might be a little more casual for some Jobs, but you can still pull it off with the perfect accesories. As seen in the collections of Burberry and Nina Ricci, this piece can be adaptable for many occasions, from office attire to lunch with friends, just depends on the style you want to achieve.

The 80’s shoulder trend can be good for offices, just depends on how you style it and the piece of clothing you want to wear. The trend it self is already a statement, so you don’t need flashy accesories. Keep it simple with small accesories and a small print. As we saw in Isabel Marant and Saint Laurent, the trend can be worn in a very crazy way, but also in a very sophisticated and classic way. Opposite to other people I believe is ok to show your shoulders at the office as long as you do it very classy, that’s why we need to pair this piece with the right pants and right shoes.

Multi layered skirt can be one of the most femenine and delicate trends so far. With a classy silhouette the skirt is perfect for those who want to be comfortable, trendy and still stand out in a very subtle way. The perfection of this trend consists in giving the person who is wering it the freedom to move around because of his flowy way, and also look very elegant in every step. For a classic look pumps will be perfect and a small jacket can add a lot of personality to the look. Flats can be more casual but still good for the office, this is a good twist for the plain skirt.

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