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“Narciso Rodriguez wants women to move. He doesn’t want them weighed down by cumbersome fabrics, constrained by tight silhouettes, or tripping over their hemlines. He knows they have better things to do, and this fall, he’s here to help. In fact, those may be the two most difficult occasions to dress for these days given how much the boundaries of fashion have shifted in the office and how casually everyone’s approaching dating. Yet somehow Rodriguez offered solutions for both. “ – VOGUE 

Today’s monochromatic out is inspired by the fall runways at Narciso Rodriguez. We loved how season-less the looks were…and how perfect the pieces were for day to night dressing! 

1. Are you bored of that black blazer you throw over everything? This black bomber is classic enough to wear to most offices. 
2. This is the perfect Work Bag! Sleek, sophisticated, and classic. 
3. We are partial to this particular Day Cream underneath makeup. 
4. The perfect shade of gray on your nails for summer months. 
5. Wear this sheer blouse with a cami underneath for more conservative offices, and wear a black bralet for more fashion forward offices and for your date night out. 
6. The perfect little daring bralet
7. A chunky men’s-style watch in gunmetal completes the look. 
8. The look wouldn’t be complete with sultry cateyes. We love these liquid pens as they are much easier to use than gel liners. 

9. The modern take on the striped blouse. 
10. The killer skirt that balances classic silhouettes with modern detailing. 
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