Many looks from top collections debuted at Milan Fashion Week, from mini tiered ruffle skirts to lingerie-like dresses. However, one of our favorite and most popular trend spotted on the runway, is Donatella Versace’s Sportswear, transforming sport parachute material into racy dresses with thigh high slits, pleated skirts, and refined tracksuits.

Sportswear has become a popular trend for women of all age. I mean there is even a name for it, Athleisure. Whether you are on the run for morning coffee or attending a business meeting. It seems that it is now totally acceptable to wear your athleticwear all day, even if you haven’t worked out. Sportswear has become chic, adding a laidback edge to our wardrobe. But take caution, a business professional who squeezed in a class at Soul Cycle during her lunch hour, isn’t quite the same as what passes as sporty chic on Gigi Hadid. Try our work-appropriate tips to incorporate the popular sportswear trend into your office look.

The Creative

In particular offices, looking too boring can be detriment. The best way to describe the style in a creative environment is classic with a twist. Think funky texture and edgy accessories, but keep it simple. The key is to look well thought out as opposed to hodgepodge.

There are a few twists happening in this outfit. First, the fluid pleated skirt paired with a ribbed turtleneck sweater. When combined, the various textures create a flattering ensemble. The minimalist sport tote with dome studs, adds a sporty edge to the outfit, channeling retro and contemporary influences. Lastly, the leather high-heel ankle boot with a chunky heel adds sleek styling and is destined to be a staple in your wardrobe this Fall season.



The corporate work environment clearly has the most restrictions and is no place for risky fashion choices. Although, this does not mean you have to look dull in a pantsuit from 9-5, Monday-Friday.

While outfits can’t be too flashy, they don’t have to be boring. Try this jumpsuit by BCBG paired with a classic white blazer. The wide-cut legs and high neckline make this jumpsuit an appropriate look for the conservative environment. Whereas the sharp blazers sleek clean lines and sporty feel, give the jumpsuit a polished look. Finally, finish the outfit off with classic pointy-toe Jcrew pumps and a chic wear-with-everything crossbody bag. This look is stylish and far from dull, while still remaining work appropriate.


Even though it’s okay to wear pieces to work that you would also wear on the weekends, in the casual work environment, this doesn’t mean you can just let yourself go. Your weekend outfit isn’t always acceptable for work, regardless of how laidback the dress code is.

Sweaters are totally acceptable for a casual workplace and can be refined with an athletic track pant. These sporty suit pants are retro sleek and provide desk-to-drinks versatility. Furthermore, the side stripe adds a classic refined look and graphic appeal. Pair with textured loafers to add vintage sophistication to a relaxed look.

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